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Extensive Experience Winning Settlements for Water Damage Claims

Claims for water damage are among the most complicated types of property claims to handle. All insurance policies cover loss by fire or windstorm, but not all insurance policies provide the same coverage for water damage or freezing pipes.

The issues that arise are vast:

  • Was the loss caused by flood or surface water?
  • Was it a sewer back up or an accidental discharge from a plumbing system?
  • Was the damage a result of water or sewage?
  • Was the overflow of the drain on the premises or off the premises?
  • Was the pipe concealed in the wall leaking for more or less than 14 days?

For freezing claims, the issues include:

  • What caused the pipe to freeze?
  • Did the insured use reasonable care to maintain heat in the building?
  • Was the building vacant or unoccupied prior to the loss?
  • What percentage of the commercial building was actually in use?

Rutter & Russin has extensive experience fighting insurance companies to settle water and freezing claims, as evidenced by these representative cases:

The insurance company agreed to insure an inventory of cigars for over $1 million, but when a water loss rendered the cigars a pile of smelly tobacco, the carrier argued that the cigars were not worth as much as they had been insured for. Rutter & Russin pursued an appraisal under the terms of the insurance policy, resulting in the insurance company paying over $1 million to resolve the case.


When an insurance company denies your water damage claim, you need expert legal help from a team that understands the complexity of this area of property insurance. The attorneys of Rutter & Russin have nearly 30 years of experience helping policyholders get full and fair settlements for their losses. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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