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When You've Lost Everything in a Fire, Turn to an Experienced Team

A fire is a devastating event, depriving people of a place to live, clothes to wear, and, when fire damages a business, often a person's sole source of income. Insurance companies advertise that they will step up to the plate and handle the claim "like a good neighbor," or that the insured is "in good hands," or that the insurance company is "on your side."

Unfortunately, these catchy slogans may amount to little more than false advertising. Insurance companies often turn on the very people they promise to protect, accusing them of arson, fraud, or misrepresentation.

After a catastrophic fire loss, insurance companies all too often turn out to be the problem instead of the solution.

The experienced legal team at Rutter & Russin will protect you from your "protector." We handle a wide variety of issues that arise following fires including:

  • Allegations of arson or insurance fraud
  • Disputes over the origin or cause of a fire
  • Application errors
  • How to value property
  • What documents a policyholder must produce

We have probably handled many cases similar to yours.

The parents’ house was destroyed by the intentional act of their mentally ill son. The insurance company denied the claim because of the Intentional Loss exclusion in the policy, which excluded losses caused by any insured. Since the son was living with his parents, he was an insured under the policy.

But prior to denying the claim, the insurer never researched the son’s longstanding mental illness, which included treatment for bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. The insurer also failed to research Ohio law, which holds that the acts of a mentally ill person are not ‘intentional’ if the mentally ill person lacks the capacity to govern their conduct in accordance with reason.

Once we got involved in the claim and filed suit, we provided the insurer with the son’s medical records and our analysis of Ohio law. The insurer rectified its mistake and paid the $750,000 claim.

Common questions regarding fire claims

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