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Helping Insureds Resolve Their Theft Insurance Claims

Theft claims present unique challenges because the property that is the subject of the claim is not available for inspection. Insurance companies are often suspicious of claims for property that they cannot see, especially if it is valuable and the insured does not have photos, a receipt, or an appraisal proving that the property really existed and was worth what the insured says it was worth.

Facing an examination under oath?

When an insured reports a theft of expensive jewelry, the insured can expect heightened scrutiny by the insurer and the claim will likely be assigned to the insurer's Special Investigation Unit (SIU). An examination under oath is common.

Here are two cases where Rutter & Russin has represented policyholders in theft claims:

The insurance company was suspicious when the insured turned in a claim for over $100,000 in missing jewelry, especially since she did not have appraisals for most of the items. As is customary when an insurer is preparing to deny a claim, the carrier requested a laundry list of documents and dragged the husband, wife, and family members in for examinations under oath. With Rutter & Russin's help, the insureds were able to reconstruct how the jewelry was lost—probably stolen—and get the claim paid in its entirety.

Facing an examination under oath?

Few attorneys know what an Examination Under Oath (EUO) is, and even fewer have ever actually represented a policyholder at one. The attorneys at Rutter & Russin have represented hundreds of policyholders at an EUO. Learn more about what to expect at an Examination Under Oath.

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Insurance companies often respond to theft claims with suspicion and intense scrutiny of the policyholder. If your theft claim has been denied or you're facing a hostile insurance company, trust the attorneys at Rutter & Russin to represent your interests in this complex situation. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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