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Collapse is a tricky coverage.

Most companies cover fire loss the same, but collapse coverage varies a great deal. Typically, policies exclude collapse as a covered risk, but then “give back” some limited collapse coverage, and it is the extent of this “give back” that varies. Some insurers provide coverage only for collapse of a building to the ground into a disorganized heap (the traditional coverage for collapse), while others insure for imminent collapse, or for settling, bulging, or cracking that renders the building unsafe for occupancy, or for partial collapse.

Rutter & Russin has experience with a wide variety of collapse coverages. Our experience enables us to ascertain the extent of the collapse coverage, determine if the facts of the loss fit into the scope of the “give back,” and make the arguments that are most effective in obtaining coverage for your collapse claim.

Collapse is a tricky area of coverage. Not all insurance companies cover collapse the same, and they even define it differently. The lower part of a grain silo buckled onto itself, rendering the silo unusable. The insurer denied the claim, asserting that the silo had not collapsed since it was still upright. We got involved and demonstrated to the company that the policy, which contained a special collapse endorsement, covered the loss since the endorsement defined “collapse” as any falling, bending, or buckling of a structure that renders the structure unfit for use. Under many definitions of “collapse” this event would not have qualified, but it qualified as a “collapse” under this policy.


When an insurance company denies your collapse claim, you need expert legal help from a team that understands this challenging area of property insurance. The attorneys of Rutter & Russin have nearly 30 years of experience helping policyholders get full and fair settlements for their losses. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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