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Even Insurance Agents Need Insurance

Rutter & Russin fights for policyholders to obtain all of the coverage to which they are entitled. However, sometimes the problem is not the insurance company, but the inadequacy of the policy that was issued. Due to insurance agent negligence, there may be no coverage or inadequate coverage for the loss that has ensued.

Insurance agent claims (E&O claims) are a kind of professional malpractice claim, and are subject to unique rules and challenges. We have litigated numerous such claims and can spot the pertinent issues quickly, such as:

  • An agent's responsibility for mistakes on an insurance application
  • An agent's responsibility to suggest appropriate types of coverage
  • An agent's responsibility to discuss adequate policy limits
  • An agent's responsibility when issuing a claims made policy as opposed to an occurrence policy

Get help from a firm that handles insurance agent malpractice claims on a regular basis. Contact Rutter & Russin, experienced in insurance agent negligence.

A tornado wiped out 20 apartment buildings in an 80-building complex. All of the destroyed buildings were supposed to be insured, but due to someone's fault they were not. The agent blamed the broker, the broker blamed the agent, they both blamed the insurance company, and all three argued that the insured's claimed damages were too high. It took four years, 20 depositions and six expert witnesses, but Rutter & Russin was finally able to sort out and assign responsibility for the fiasco and resolve the claim.


If your insurance agent failed to provide you with adequate and appropriate insurance coverage you need a legal team experienced in insurance agent negligence. Rutter & Russin has litigated many such complex cases. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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