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Business Loss Due to COVID-19? We Can Help.

Businesses across the country are losing money due to government closure orders resulting from the coronavirus pandemic. Insurance companies have taken to the web trying to dissuade policyholders from filing claims by asserting that their policies “never intended” to cover loss due to coronavirus.

You may have already been told by your insurance agent or insurance company not to bother filing a claim because nothing related to COVID-19 is covered.

Don’t believe them.

There are many forms of business interruption coverage on the market, and some certainly provide coverage for loss due to virus. Since 2006, the insurance industry has had a standard virus exclusion form that is available for the use of any insurer.

Some insurers include the virus exclusion in their policies — some do not.

If your policy does not contain a virus exclusion, you have a strong argument for coverage.

If your policy contains coverage for business loss due to the actions of civil authorities, you also have a strong argument for coronavirus coverage.

Pioneering Coronavirus Coverage Lawsuits in Ohio and Beyond

Rutter & Russin, LLC has partnered with Spangenberg, Shibley & Liber, LLP to file Ohio's first lawsuits seeking insurance coverage for business interruption losses resulting from the coronavirus pandemic and the government-ordered shutdowns. Our attorneys now represent hundreds of businesses in Ohio and across the country that have been denied business insurance coverage. Here's how we're leading the way on COVID-19 insurance issues:

Free No-Obligation Business Loss Insurance Policy Review

Our attorneys will review your business policy to determine if it contains a virus exclusion and whether there is a good argument that COVID-19 coverage exists.

We are reviewing policies daily for policyholders across the country who have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. These businesses include restaurants, bars, hair salons, and retail stores.

We have already filed lawsuits on behalf of some of our clients in Ohio and Illinois.

Complete a case inquiry form here for a free review. No obligation to sign with us or pay anything. We will get back to you with our comments within 24 hours.

Does your business loss insurance cover COVID-19?

Rutter & Russin has been helping companies like yours fight their business loss insurance denials for almost 30 years. If your coronavirus-related claim could use the help of experienced lawyers with in-depth knowledge of the insurance industry, contact us today for a free consultation.

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